Tuesday, July 21, 2009


International musician Enric Sifa was on a flight returning to Portland Oregon from Kigali Rwanda concluding a two day festival with Andrew Palau and the Season of Service, when the pilots gave the warning to the passengers to brace for impact. There was a fire in the cockpit. The passengers feared for their lives.

Fortunately, the pilots were able to make an emergency landing in Iceland, with no major injuries to passengers or crew. The flight is scheduled to reach it's final destination sometime Tuesday evening. July 21, 2009

Enric Sifa has flown many times and even composed one of his most popular songs on a previous flight over the Atlantic- Birashiboka-about God's miracles. The lyrics translated from Kinyarwanda talk about how God has transformed a wheelbarrow into an airplane, a lizard into a dragon, and a cardboard box into a house.

The phrase, ingorafani, has become a popular expression in Rwanda, meaning something unexpected, also referring to Enric's life story as a genocide orphan survivor. http://www.enricsifa.com

Enric's faith in God's miracles was put to the test Monday, his closest friends wonder if he will add another verse to the song.

Enric Sifa is from Rwanda but attends Westside Christian High School in Lake Oswego.

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