Monday, October 11, 2004


My re-entry started great. Things were going very well. We (about 25 of us) dashed out of the Rose Garden when Sheila began her wrap-up. We ran to the van when we realized we would not have to sit in a traffic jam. We were so happy! Terri helped us back out. We hit the freeway with the sun shining on us and headed to Red Robin and arrived at the restaurant just before the dinner rush. We were the dinner rush! Food came and was spectacular. I bragged to my friends that it is always better to arrive home after dinner when you've had such a great time. I called home to let them know we were stopping for dinner and that I would be home a little later than planned. Husband asked, "is there any meat tenderizer?" (I think this is called foreshadowing.) "No honey, I forgot to get some at the store last week and this week." Well, I thought they are getting ready to have their dinner. We left the restaurant very happy and stuffed, discussed the conference a bit and made it back to Salem in good time. When I called for my family to come pick me up Levi answered the phone. "Uh mom? We are just sitting down to dinner."
"Okay, I said, just come and get me in about 10 minutes."
A few minutes later my phone rang. It was dad. "We'll be there in a few minutes, we just sat down to dinner."
"Okay, see you in bit." I thought it was a little unusual that they were having dinner at 7:45pm but not that unusual. I still had no clue as to the state of affairs at home until I opened the door of the truck to get in. A very strong burnt-onion, smokey smell came wafting from my family. Did I say from the truck?
"Mom," the kids said with much excitment,"we were having dinner in the dark, with candles!"
I was thinking, "wow they were really having a special time with dad."
Turns out that the delicious dinner that dad prepared in the dutch oven got cooked a little to long and it was so black that he turned off the lights to minimize the color.
I tasted the dark meat. It wasn't too bad, but the mood in the house was, so I finally went to my room with my mint tea and journaled a bit. I was an island and was not about to let the mood get to me. I would just deal with the black dutch oven in the morning as well as....
I was reminded of a "feather manuever"I saw a pilot do on TV as he prepared for re-entry into earth's atmosphere. The wings were dropped at a funny angle and the plane just kind of floated down so it would not burn up while descending. Our trip was kind of like that. We boosted the rockets to get us to our destination, almost went into space, (went really high) and had to come back to reality without burning up the plane.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Women of Faith

We are off to Women of Faith! Fifty Women! Can you believe it? I hope everyone has a great time and connects with their rides. Just remember where you parked. Last year I lost my van in one of the two very similar looking parking garages. That was a little unnerving.